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Absolute Safety Solutions offers a number of services for our clients. Click the below services to jump to a brief explanation of each. If you are looking for a service that's not on this page, contact us to see if we can accommodate your needs!

Risk Management


We provide value to our clients to understand, prepare for, and manage risks relevant to their business and industry through:

Risk assurance services to identify and minimise hazards and risks relevant to your business activities.

Discovery and evaluation of your businesses unique risks.  

Severity assessment of threats and vulnerabilities that your business or organisation might face.

External stakeholder (Contractor) risk level assessment.

Developing improvement and revision process program for ongoing continual improvement.

Building capability of your team for natural risk-based decision making and quantification.


Qualified auditors that undertake targeted Auditing programs to ensure your current risk related frameworks are up to date and following standards.


Risk Documentation


We assist businesses through developing new or reviewing existing risk based documented systems including:


Risk Management Plans

Chemical safety systems

Emergency Response Plans

Health and Safety Management Plans

Practical induction processes

Emergency management systems

Safe Work Method Statements

Safe operating procedures for specific work activities

Training Manuals

Industry specific guides

Risk Training

Qualified trainers we can provide expert risk educational services to your needs for:

Your management team and workers.

Your health and Safety Committee.

Team that look after your Emergency processes.


Event Safety Management

From Major Events through to boutique and community related events, we can provide expert risk advice and support to your event team that includes:

Onsite event safety services

Event Stakeholder management 

Event Contract management 

Event Risk assessment 

Development of:

Risk Management Plan

Emergency Response Plans

Health and Safety Management Plans

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